Diaper Heaven

I’ve discovered that online shopping is like Christmas. You look at a picture of something you would like to have (order it) and BAM! it shows up on your doorstep! You open it and if you are like me, spread it all out to see what’cha got. Perhaps something like this…


What is all that craziness you say? It’s cloth diapers. Yep, it is about that time. We are planning to wait until we move because our current washing situation does not have hot water available, but seeing all of the bright colors and feeling the softness makes me so excited! I had to at least try one on Lorelei, crossing my fingers that she wouldn’t pee in one just yet.


This one is a FuzziBunz brand in the color kumquat. :o) I also got a few BumGenius to try as these are the most user-friendly and most everyone raves about them. These are called “one-size” which means that they have adjustable snaps and in some cases elastic to grow with your baby. I went ahead and purchased these because I found a great site that has been having fabulous sales this month including free diapers and free shipping. Yay! I was a little bit overwhelmed looking at this pile of foreign objects, but the forums and reviews I’ve read all say that once you learn how to use and wash them properly it is a breeze. Again, crossing my fingers. Not only is cloth diapering cheaper than disposables it is chemical free and we aren’t adding to the landfill bajillions of grody diapers. Winning! lol

That really pretty print in the middle of the first photo? That is called a wet bag and it is so neat! I now have a reusable bag to put my dirty diapers in when I am out and about and I also got a pail liner (in avocado green) so we won’t need to be buying garbage bags either. Cannot wait!

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