I have been reading this amazing book entitled, The Creative Family. The writer of the book also writes a very neat blog Soulemama. She lives in Maine (I think) which feels like an entirely different world as in, she is still knitting sweaters at this time of year.This past semester, I took a creativity test. I thought that I was a pretty creative person and that I would score off the charts! Not so, “above average”, was the result. Not bad, but not what I was thinking either.

Back to the book. I have only read the first few chapters, but it talks about set up to being creative, practically and emotionally. For me, letting the kids play in the dirt is hard. Unless it is with proper gloves and within a project guideline. Sad, I know. :o( I thought I would start with inside art play. She talks about getting mediums of value for your kids to use, so that they learn to appreciate them. Especially with you using the same crayons or paints or whatever, not setting aside the “good stuff” for yourself. Since it is about time for school, all of the markers and crayons and such are on sale. 25 cents for 24 Crayole Crayons?? Craziness! As a result of this splurge, I have this BAG of crayons and markers and watercolors just SITTING on my desk taunting me. I would so color a picture of Elmo right now. :o)

At home we have this hutch right by the kitchen table. I’d like to fill it with art stuff. My kids have the best time simply playing with play-doh. Noah is learning to write words and his coveted “toys” are his collection of papers and pens. She talks about encouraging imagination and how imagination isn’t something that needs to be taught to kids. It makes me think adults need to be untaught to be imaginative. I’d like to read stories to Noah now that he’s at the age where he can listen and imagine what is happening in the story without pictures. I remember my family being big on reading. Everyone in my family still reads. I remember seeing stacks of books next to chairs or bedside, all varieties, mostly fiction. My mom was not very involved in my education, but I realized this past weekend as she was teaching Noah rat, mat, sat, cat, that she was the one that taught me to read (alongside the school system of course). Reading opens many doors. There is a huge difference between someone who reads on a regular basis and someone that reads on occasion. They know phonics, recognize words that aren’t common, they can express themselves well with the written word. A lot of these are crucial later in life. But I digress…

I was walking out of Sbux this morning and noticed the plants that needed tending. I see plants all the time! What’s the big deal? This time there was some sort of yearning to play in the dirt. I was struck with the memory of planting my plants this past weekend. I wonder if God felt this way? He started with parting the oceans and bringing up dry land and just couldn’t help himself. I think maybe we as a culture have removed ourselves from tilling the land into office buildings and such and are no longer connected to the Earth and perhaps that is part of the disconnection with God. I know that my simple plantings has awakened something in me. Something creative.

Now let me see you get low! (get low!) Now stop! (woo!) wiggle it!…
You must see The Proposal. ;o)

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  1. Love love love love that book! Can’t wait until her next one comes out!
    Oh, you should also pick up a copy of “I love Dirt!” – it’s next on my recreational reading list too, lol.

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