We went to George Jenkins high school Sat morning to “hunt” 50,000 eggs; us and 5,000 of our closest friends!

We started the morning with baskets waiting on the table for the kids, as is our tradition, along with plastic eggs filled with candy hidden in the living room the night before.

We then got ready and treked our way to the high school. They separated the eggs by age groups and I got Nora (and L) and Jason got Noah. We all counted down from ten and yelled GO! And one minute the eggs were all gone!

Nora didn’t really understand the point and happily ran about the field amongst the chaos. Once the eggs were gone, we found Jason, but not Noah. He was nowhere to be found. We went to the guy with the mic and called for Noah (as did a few other parents) and he finally came traipsing up to us like no big deal. It felt a bit like leaving an amusement park, bumper to bumper car lines, making our way out. I turned to Jason and asked if we would do it again next year. Nope, he replied, we’ll be in North Carolina. Oh yeah, I wonder what Franklin does for Easter?

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