Crazy blurry pic of Lorelei in the Ergo

Last weekend Amber, Sheena and I met a douche guy in a parking lot in Asheville and exchanged moula for an Ergo. I wrote about wanting an Ergo here and continued to peruse Craigslist about once a week since writing that post to no avail. There was a close call once while we were in Lakeland, but she changed her mind. Full retail for the ergo I want is $135. That is a lot of money for something that I’ve never really seen in person and only heard rave reviews from friends, so I was determined to find one (or suffer) on Craigslist.

When I would check the postings there was never an Ergo in Lakeland or Franklin, they were always in Orlando or Asheville, another reason I was hesitant to snatch one up. Anyway, I figured I would check again for an Ergo a few days before our planned trip to Asheville last weekend and lo and behold there was a Performance Ergo for a great price. I emailed and waited to hear if the dude still had it. It turns out he did and we went back and forth for a few days trying to nail down a time and place to check it out. THAT was fun. (There should be a protocol that you have to adhere to when posting on Craigslist, but I digress.) We went to Asheville as planned, all the time I was waiting to hear from this guy. I finally emailed him late in the day to say, I was leaving the area and that’s when he got back to me. In the meantime, we were at Target and I saw two ladies wearing the old style Ergo. It was a bit…um… bulky. I still could not make a decision. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to get it? Would it be this difficult if I shouldn’t? What if I really didn’t like it? You know when you persist in an area and then it turns out you should have just left it alone? I was super afraid that that would happen. I even tried on a different type-sling-thing at Target, but it hurt my shoulder and was definitely unsafe and the opposite of hands-free, but it was cute and only $25. Should I get it anyway??

I told the guy that I would have to try it on and started to talk myself into telling him I didn’t like it, if I seriously didn’t. We made it to the drop-off point and I tried it on and put baby girl in it. It was so comfortable! It distributed her weight evenly and was not as bulky as the old style. I went ahead and got it, crossing my fingers that it was a good decision!

I loved my Moby and so did Lorelei. This Ergo is not a Moby. The first few times I tried it on with her after coming home from Asheville, she did not love it. I told myself I could just resell it on Craigslist if it didn’t work out and kept trying. I wore it around the house, I wore it to the bus stop, I put it on this morning when Lorelei was fussy and it did the trick. I think part of having a carrier is learning to think to use it and we are definitely getting there. I will just need to get some strap covers because she chews on them! lol Still no teeth though.

This morning I was so frustrated because Lorelei would squirm when I held her making it impossible to do so, she would cry if I put her down to play and she refused to take a nap (which she most OBVIOUSLY needed). I decided to try the ergo because carrying her used to calm her down a few months ago and I could at least drink my coffee (LHM). Peace immediately in her and myself. Good old hormones. I used to think that I needed to get “away” when the frustration mounted, but it turns out that carrying her makes me feel so much better and her I think also. I think getting the Ergo was worth it. I just wish it were green! lol

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