Fabulous Franklin

M y heart was heavy as we left early Wednesday morning for NC, but we took our time and slowly I began to perk up. We finally made it to Franklin at about 830pm. We normally drive through the night so it was a big change and we were able to hang out for a bit and play some 4-player Mario before we went to bed.

This morning we got up early (but not too early) and Jason did some family stuff while Corrine (my new Mother-in-Law) and I headed into town to take the Lace knitting class. It was pretty full, so only I actually took the class, but we did a little shopping afterward. The class was my first and was very nice. I learned the knit cast-on (cable cast-on) method and started reading my first chart! It was pretty simple once I caught on, but lace is serious business. First of all, I can’t tell a knit from a purl once it has been done, so if I get in a bind and don’t have enough stitches left or too many it’s not going to be fun figuring out what I did wrong. The yarn I picked out is a beautiful light blue Alpaca Lace and so very thin. The yarn calls for a size 2 needle and I’m using a 6.

The teacher explained that knitting lace is like raising children, it doesn’t look like much until you’re almost finished. Actually, it looks like a tangled mess, but I can see the beginnings of a lovely scarf.

The beginnings of my lace scarf

The day was spent eating wings for lunch and ice cream for dessert before retiring back to the house to play some more Mario with Sheena. :o) We got the making for Enchiladas, which I have been craving for months, but due to our lack of oven have been unable to make. I hope they like it!

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