Feed the Baby

F or whatever reason after the initial influx of hormones that has you making the toilet your best friend on a daily basis you are given a gift of food enjoyment. I’m not talking about, “oh that was good”, I’m talking about, “I’ve died and gone to heaven good”. That’s where I am now.

While food shopping Noah made a beeline for the sample lady who happened to be making some sort of cajun shrimp dish. Noah loves shrimp. He must have gotten that from his father because I can eat one or two…maybe, but that’s it. Jason loves New Orleans style cooking and it looked pretty simple, so I decided to make it.

The dish was delish. The shrimp were a little spicy and I made red beans and rice from scratch and was thoroughly surprised with myself. I ate the whole thing and wanted more. The thing is (how can I describe this?) every bite is AMAZING. You know when you wait to eat dinner, like at a restaurant with a long wait time, and you finally get your food and it tastes so much better only because you are ravenous? That’s what it is like. Maybe because I feel like I’m starving all the time anyway, who knows? Even after I’ve finished the meal, the satiety of that meal feels like I’ve fallen in love; I remember it with fondness and the lingering smells in the kitchen are like an aphrodisiac.

Don’t be jealous… ;o)

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