I could easily get frustrated with trying to put the baby aside and do what I want by putting her in the swing or giving her a toy to play with, but I have found that things just jive better when I take her along with me. My attitude is better and she is much more content.

I need to slowly start becoming more active and get my body into shape (notice I didn’t say “back” into shape ;o) ), so I have tried to walk more with Lelu in the stroller or in the Moby and I recently got a mom and baby yoga dvd. I have been actively trying to stay home more often and today seemed like as good a day as any to try it.

It had very interesting yet peaceful music playing and the poses stretched me and were just difficult enough while incorporating the baby into every pose. Lorelei loved the attention and I felt so much better afterwards. She got a little fussy towards the end and I knew it was naptime, so I took a chance and layed her down in her crib.

As her day becomes more defined by sleep periods instead of sleeping all day intermittently I can see the progression towards sleeping on her own rather than on me or with me. Walking out of the room seeing her falling asleep made me just a little sad. I snapped this pic to prove it happened in case it only lasted a minute. Truth be told it lasted all of 30 minutes. Long enough for a first time. I hear her fussing now and we need to go pick up Nora, so all in all a good morning. :o)


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