Flashing lights

Going to school directly from the house I go up County Line Rd. This road is more of a highway and although the speed limit is 40/45, almost everyone goes 60. Jason was pulled over by a State Trooper some time ago for speeding. He got a warning because he pulled his “good guy card” aka concealed weapons permit, but that’s when we realized what the speed limit actually was. I paid more attention and began to slow down on this road. There is not a school or sidewalks or any sort of pedestrian traffic, so this road should seriously have a higher speed limit, but it doesn’t.

What I have noticed (taking time to slow down and smell the strawberry fields) is cops passing me at 60 mph. Multiple cops on different occasions without flashing lights going 60 or more. This makes me angry especially because I am still bitter about the last speeding ticket I received. It has been awhile since I have driven County Line Rd, but yesterday morning Jason was sweet enough to take Nora to school, so I could leave straight from the house. I was driving along (la la la) when I see lights behind me. Oh no! I wasn’t speeding…that much. I get over into the right lane and he passes me. Okay… Up ahead he turns them off and turns right into a parking lot with two choices, McDonald’s or Advance Auto Parts. Where do you think he was going? Now I know that there could very well be official police business at Advance or maybe he just needed his morning cup of Joe like the rest of us, but come on, he doesn’t need to speed and definitely doesn’t need his lights flashing.

Police people are to protect and serve. I personally call speed traps fundraisers, but still pay them like a good citizen. As a redneck would and has said in the past, “Wake up America!”

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