For Just Such an Occasion

Yesterday was Jason’s 30th Birthday. He loves (LOVES) cake and I thought what better way to celebrate him and the occasion than making him a birthday cake, from scratch. As I contemplated this task I was reminded of that scene from Sleeping Beauty where the ditzy chick tries to make the cake. I hoped that what was made would atleast come out edible.

I gathered the ingredients and followed the directions with Nora helping and learning what “exact measurement” means. I have been really enjoying my new kitchen and dreaming about other appliances and utensils it would be nice to have (stand mixer or hand mixer with more options, loaf pans and a variety of ramekins). I separated the mix into two cake pans and put them in the oven. I then started on the icing. I used a simple recipe that I didn’t love, although I am not a fan of icing anyway, and once it was prepared Jason thought to add food coloring (yuck!), but we are patiently waiting for the blackberries to ripen, so I sent Jason down the road to hunt for a few. Once he returned I squished them in the garlic press and added them to the icing which turned a manly plum color. lol

Icing the cake was not too difficult except -again with the icing I’m not happy with- it was a little thin, but super shimmery! I decorated it as best I could (this part of the process is always difficult for me!) and presented it to Jason as we sang Happy Birthday. Noah wanted to start and went with his version, “Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha)”. lol


This was our first occasion away from my family who has a mandatory, hat-wearing, party for each person’s birthday. I know Jason enjoyed the intimate affair and the sparse presents; the kids made him cards and I replaced his broken measuring tape. lol

I may try again with a different recipe for Nora’s Birthday and I will definitely be trying a different recipe for icing. I plan also to make another batch of bread today if Lorelei lets me. She may have started teething. She is usually a very amiable baby, but nothing is making her happy the last few days. I am very much enjoying tasks that require improvement as we wait patiently to make improvements on the house which will allow me to put away more boxes!

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