From Flats to Microfiber


This was what the clothesline looked like this weekend. The flats are okay and one of the great things about them is that they are east to bucket wash, clean well and dry quickly, but when compared to the all-in-one ease and softness of the fuzzibunz and bumgenius, we just couldn’t wait any longer. I have been using the microfiber cloth diapers for about a week now and I am loving them! I have been washing them in the camp bucket with hot water and giving them a final washing in the washer and so far this is working really well. Lorelei is happier and looks oh-so-cute in her cloth diapers.

Today there were some especially dirty diapers and once clean they were still a bit stained, so I hung them out to dry as usual and the sun completely bleached them white again. I was shocked. A few times before a diaper or two had a faint stain that I could live with, but these were very dark and covering most of the insert. I really did not know that the sun was this rad. I mean, warmth? Yes. Poop stain destroyer? Good to know! The diapers seem really durable and the ease of use and adjustability makes me think that I will most likely start using the cloth diapers right away for the next baby. It would be amazing to me if we could use these same diapers for another child, but even if we have to buy another set of cloth we are still saving a ton of moulah! Also, I like each brand equally. I like different things about both, so it is really hard to choose a favorite. I would also like to try a brand called Rumparooz. These names right? So silly. :o)

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