Gearing Up for Travel

Lorelei and I leave tomorrow on a weekend trip to Portland to visit my good friend, Misty. I am so looking forward to spending a few days in her company! Even traveling alone it is hard work to fly in an airplane 3000 miles. Even if it was a nonstop flight (which are rare) it would take 6 hours to get there. Better than the three days of driving of course! With an almost 7 month old, it should be fun! *insert maniacal laugh here*

My flight to Portland consists of a layover in Houston, TX. (I get to visit the Chicago airport on the way back) It is the typical length of a layover, 1.5 hours, but it is at 9pm Central Time. I will arrive in Portland at 1130p Pacific Time, which is 330a Eastern Time (our time). These are the flights people; unless I want to take a red eye, which I don’t. I have NO IDEA how Lorelei will do on the plane. I researched some traveling tips and the main one is to nurse her during take off and landing. I’m not sure if she will though because she gets easily distracted. I’m imagining trying to feed her while internally freaking out that the plane is going to explode, while she pops on and off spraying my seatmate with breast milk and flashing everyone on the plane with 2 hrs to go until landing and that’s just the first flight. The second flight is 4.5 hours.

Some Moms have said that their child practically slept the entire time. That would be good and bad. Good because I wouldn’t need to keep her happy for 6 hours and bad because of the time difference and the fact that we will need to go to sleep once we get there. It was also suggested to purchase a few new toys for her to play with. She needs new toys, so I will definitely be doing this. Others have said that their child was fascinated with a toothbrush or a bottle of water. As long as she isn’t screaming the whole time she can pretty much play with whatever she wants.

Because I don’t want to spend upwards of $50 and check my bag, I will be trying my best to cram everything into a carry-on. I am also allowed to take the diaper bag, in addition, but this will severely limit what I can bring! On our overnight trip to the cabin for Amber’s wedding I brought three bags! This will be 4 nights and much cooler weather. Challenge? I accept. :o) As long as I can use the washer and dryer during our stay… I will also be bringing a carseat (which is free to check), but not my favorite, the ugly blue one since it is easier to install in the car and lighter, plus I don’t care if it gets lost or broken. Can you imagine me, with Lorelei in the Moby, with a carry-on, a diaper bag, and a carseat with the base attached trucking through the airport? I’ll have to take a pic. Hopefully the small Regional airport in Asheville has curbside check-in (doubtful) or that will be me. lol

No matter how it goes this trip is definitely set to be an adventure!