Noah gets Whiz Kid Tickets for acting, “Responsibly, Respectfully, Reliably, As Requested, And Safely” at school. At the end of the year (now) they have a drawing for prizes like bikes, bop-its, huge sprinklers and smaller things like puzzles and stuff. Noah won a bike. Seriously. I didn’t believe him because Noah sometimes gets confused when it comes to school activities, especially fundraisers! I called the school telling them that my son was under the impression that he had won a bike. Well, yes he did!

We went to the school and picked it up and it is the perfect size for…Nora. Noah already has an awesome new bike that he got for his Birthday. Now what?

Noah wants to keep both. I understand his feelings because, how cool, right? He won this huge coveted prize! But, it is too small for him and he already has a great bike. This created a dilemma for Jason and I because we could just MAKE Noah give the bike to Nora or we could HELP him to be generous with his prize. I talked to him and then Jason got home and he talked to him (Jason is much better at things like this) and then he left Noah to make his decision. I was hoping that if Noah decided to give the bike to Nora that we could return it to Wal-Mart and pick out a pretty princess bike for her. Right now the bike is kinda uni, but not really.

I was also thinking about something that Noah had mentioned on our way to pick up the bike. He said that he had crossed his fingers to win the Bop-It. Noah has mentioned the Bop-It game every once in a while for years. I cannot believe that he still wants one. My thought is that if he decides on his own to give the bike to Nora, that we would surprise him with the Bop-It. This could be a really good idea because I’m trying hard to think in terms of positive reinforcement rather than punishments all the time. OR it could be a really bad idea because giving Nora the bike should be enough to teach him to be generous and leave a lasting impression. I don’t know. There are no rules in parenting! lol We’ll see what he decides tomorrow. I so hope he chooses to be generous.

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