Girl’s Weekend

While the boys went on a cubscout camping trip this weekend, Nora and I went with my mom to a Petting Zoo in Kissimmee. I had in mind that it would be tiny, but it was huge and took us almost 3 hours to see everything!

Here is a slideshow to get the gist…

I was most excited to milk the cow! Sadly, I was not very good at it and totally felt for her because of my current condition. I surely wouldn’t want strange babies coming over to give me a try!

We got to pet baby lambs, chicks and ducks! So cute!

Quick little video of a baby duck peeping away! :o)

And they had a Zorse, which is a zebra and a horse mixed. Seriously. They called him Tigger and rightly so…

Running wild throughout the farm were peacocks which make the funniest sounds. It reminded me of Kevin on the movie Up! They would fly up into the trees and when we went to see the turkeys they had jumped into the pen and one was proudly displaying his awesomeness.

We also met Charlie and Al- holy llama! We were told that Al would give someone a kiss if we asked politely. Umm, no thank you…



We were also allowed to pick up and hold ducks. We all had to work together and corner them. Nora was not very good at holding the duck and I had to hold his neck, so he wouldn’t nip at us! I’m pretty sure those ducks are traumatized.

Lastly we saw the turkeys, also proud creatures, but there was this one humble white turkey who stood out.

We had a really good time, saw many more animals and were good and dirty by the time we left. Nora also got to ride a pony named Apple Jack who seriously was the color of the cereal and I had to lead him around the circle while Nora rode him, well, he was leading me really and if the horse decided to take off would me holding his rope really stop him?! We also enjoyed a quick hayride and next time we will definitely bring snacks and water because by the end we were starving and someone (Nora) was a bit cranky. We stopped for lunch on the way home and when we got there watched the ultimate girl movie Tangled because 20 times is simply not enough views of this particular film…Nora and I sing our way through it…I’m seriously considering getting the soundtrack. “I’ve got a dream!” :o)

*Thanks mom for the great pics!

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