Gobble Gobble

This week is Thanksgiving and I’m ready for a break. I’m ready for yummy food and a couple of days of rest before the last few weeks of school. This semester has not been my favorite. I think it’s because it’s basically my semester. I have two classes left and they aren’t necessarily art classes. It’s hard to put in effort when you realize this won’t be your life next year and your classmates are just passing time. I have one final collaborative art show in a couple of weeks and then that will be it.

Some people probably wonder why I chose to do art in the first place. Besides the fact that I really enjoy art and wanted to learn more, it also fit with my narrow schedule. I came to WCU with an A.A. in Business Administration, but WCU has only four year programs for the most part. A lot of their business degrees are set up to be completed in four years including liberal arts classes. I found myself in a situation where I would take 2-3 classes for three years paying full-time tuition as a residential student. It wasn’t worth it to me. In the back of my mind my plan was to get the HR graduate degree, so I just needed a B.A. in order to do that. I like management, but the program was archaic, I felt that I had already learned what they would teach me getting my A.A., so I visited the Art program. I thought I might do Graphic Design, but it turns out that program’s classes are from 3-6p and I have to pick up the kiddos by 530p and WCU is 35 minutes away. There goes that plan, so I stuck with studio classes and will finish with my B.A. in Art and a minor in Business Administration. If I can pass Spanish. I have enjoyed my time in the art world, but find myself looking into the HR program again. It’s all online and can be done while I am working.

Art has taught me a lot. It has given me art skills obviously, but it also gave me confidence and a thicker skin. I had to listen to other people criticize my work and I was required to tell them what could have been done better with their work. I made friends with people I would otherwise never meet and got to know others with varying values and opinions. Art deals with political and controversial topics and for my brief time I got to see many different points of view and gave me the opportunity to develop my own. I am so glad I took this journey, albeit not a traditional route.

We are all a bit under the weather, but hopefully we’ll be ready for turkey come Thursday. Last year we went to Florida. I missed the big Thanksgivings we used to have and wanted to be around my family. We had a really great trip and I enjoyed getting to know everyone again and seeing my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was fun to see the kids play with cousins and figure out are they cousins if they’re kids of cousins?? As nice as it was to get together with everyone, it made me thankful for our small family traditions and gave me hope that as my kids grow, so will our Thanksgiving get togethers. I’m looking forward to what we’ve started calling pie day and picking up our tree on Saturday.

This is Jason’s last semester of school. He’ll graduate in December, though he refuses to walk or to let me throw him a party. He has worked long and hard for this and I am super proud of him. It has been difficult, especially this last semester with our terrible internet and because all of his classes are full of group assignments, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. What will he do with free evenings and none of that school pressure occupying his brain??

I hope everyone has a great break and gets to spend time with family or friends this holiday.