Gone, Baby Gone

Patrick was supposed to be here Saturday morning. Well, he left at 2pm on Friday afternoon, so that wasn’t going to happen (20 hour drive nonstop you do the math…). Then it snowed. He and Trish were stuck Friday night in West VA and finally made it to the house Sunday morning, just before church.

We’ve had the kids full-time since mid-May, about 7 months. This last time that Patrick left I was not surprised and had already resolved myself to having the kids full-time, whatever that meant. Since then Jason, Noah, Nora and I have built a really sweet life. The kids have adjusted well and we thoroughly enjoy our time as a family. When Jason and I need adult conversation we get a babysitter and go out to eat at a real restaurant and maybe see a movie that isn’t animated.

So, it’s Wednesday and although it has been peaceful I really miss the kids. It’s very strange to not have them to tend to. We normally leave work around 5pm, grab the kids from their schools and get home to play and cook dinner and do the bath-bed routine. This week we went out to dinner with our Sunday School group and went back to the leader’s house to play games. We were there until midnight! It was so strange to not HAVE to be home at a certain time. I am enjoying our time alone, but look forward to having my babies back.

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