Good Friday

My mom was off on Friday and suggested we do something fun. After looking at things like the Zoo and Mosi at $20 per person we finally decided to just take the kids to Lake Morton to feed the ducks. They were none the wiser. :o)


What we saw was a lot of swans sitting on their eggs. There were at least five swan mamas and one goose mom. Hardly any duck moms, but I think they hide a little better. As always the daddy swan was out in front ready to protect his lady and their babies. We did get to see two swan babies. They were so cute! Fluffy and white and the mom quickly covered them up before I could get a picture.


I had baby girl in the moby and she slept the entire walk around the lake. After that we spent time at Grandma’s house chatting and playing with her Tibetan Bowl. Our Chakra’s are clear. :o) Jason was working on this Good Friday, but we have some fun plans for tomorrow and Sunday. We are going to the Egg Lakeland egg hunt. 50,000 eggs! I’ll let you know how that goes… The kids are supposed to go to the beach with their dad after that and then on Sunday we have a potluck with some old friends to attend. Jason hardly knows any of the people who will be there, but the kids and I have been hanging out with the host these last few weeks, so they are sure to have a great time!

We might squeeze some packing in, but who knows. Jason is preparing to clean out the shop area this week (yay!) and our plan is to put the house up for sale by May 1st. We have no idea if it will sell, but here’s hoping! :o)

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