Growing and Changing

More enjoyable than watching our little girl start to crawl is seeing the look of delight on Jason’s face with each effort. I love watching her grow and change, which seems to happen almost daily, and it warms my heart to see her Daddy so proud of her.

Watching Lorelei reminds me of Noah, who did not do a typical “crawl”, he used his elbows to scoot like a Marine under tripwire. It is amazing how different each child is even from birth. We caught Lorelei’s clumsy first movement on video (like a hundred times), so here is one picked randomly:

On another note, we have been using cloth diapers for a while now. We have our system pretty down pat, but we were still using disposable wipes. I say were because my amazing mother-in-law took some of the receiving blankets I had and a baby towel or two and voila! She made about 30 cloth wipes (It took her an hour, like I said, amazing)! I looked up cloth wipe solution recipes and chose the “Olive ‘n’ Tea Tree” recipe. Olive Oil, baby soap, water and a few drops of Tea Tree oil and we were ready to go. I spent $8 on Tea Tree oil, it should last forever and we will not be buying wipes or having to have two separate garbage cans in the nursery (one for the diapers and one for the wipes)anymore. Yay! Simplify! lol

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