Happy Valentines Day!

V alentine’s day was fist spent this year at the Pancake Festival. I had never heard of this, but Jason got free tickets from a Kiwanis member (who happens to be a friend and customer), so we decided to go. I don’t LOVE pancakes, but thought it would be neat to see.

It was very cold. The line was ridiculously long, but it was interesting to watch the people. I like to see who is represented in the community when we go to events like this. We waited in line until we got to the “tent” which housed the pancake makers. There was about 15 stations of people making large pancakes. We got to watch as they were plated right off the griddle and wonder exactly how many pancakes were made that day. The flipper had lost count or so he says…

We were then given enormous sausages that were very yummy and little packets of butter. Three of us had one pancake each and were all given 3 packets of butter. Three! Noah ate his…whole. Gross! I am told I use to eat butter like this too. I do like butter. :o) Anyway. As we were getting ready to dig a balloon man came over to make balloons for us. This was not your ordinary balloon maker. I had noticed a little boy with a dinosaur earlier and I so wanted one. Noah chose to receive a scorpion. Have you ever seen a balloon scorpion? It was pretty crazy. Nora wanted a pink pony. I got the dinosaur!

I'm so proud!
I'm so proud!

Later that evening Our friend Katie came over to watch the kids. (Yay!) The grownups got to go out for a much needed conversation about babies. lol We went to Carrabba’s and had a lovely dinner and then came home and watched a silly movie. My how times have changed.

Today on this actual V-Day, we went to church and Grandma came over to play the Wii. So fun! We are now running out the door to the church’s Valentines day party, kids included, woot! Should be fun! Hope yours was a special weekend too.

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