Harley Mango


We gotz a kitteh.  :o)  We went to the SPCA like three times and on the third time, we brought the kids with us.  We were looking for a female cat any age, short haired.  We ended up taking home Harley, a two month old boy kitten.  Noah and Nora LOVED him and he was pretty loveable as well as playful.

We had to keep him separate from Meiko for about two weeks and then we gradually introduced them to each other. Meiko showed him that she was the boss (making him pee himself a couple times) and finally they are bestest friends.  :o)  I kept telling Meiko that we would be getting her a friend since no one is home during the day and we did.  I love having a kitty!  He is so cute and purrs so VERY loudly, I think that’s why they named him Harley.  I wanted to name him Mango, so that’s his middle name…  Meiko and Mango.  Yay!

One thought on “Harley Mango

  1. awww the kitten is so cute. Harley huh? I like the name. And to think Jason use to hate cats, now he gets all mushy like with Meiko.

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