Right now, I am….

Making: plans for more knitting
Drinking: Water
Reading: Lots of fabulous blogs
Wanting: To build our house
Looking: for ways to do homework and spend time with my family
Playing: at working
Wasting: away from not eating properly
Sewing: I wish, although I do have some ornamental ideas brewing for Christmas
Wishing: For more time in a day
Enjoying: The planning of the wedding
Waiting: For Jason to make up his mind
Liking: That Fall is almost here
Wondering: If I’ll be able to get a newer car soon
Loving: My family
Hoping: I’ll be able to get a newer car soon ;o)
Marvelling: At how amazing Jason is and how well he takes care of me
Needing: more sleep!
Smelling: The “fresh” scent of Lysol
Wearing: My rock out… shirt
Following: My to-do list
Noticing: The changes in our lives
Knowing: That God works everything to the good…even the bad…
Thinking: About visiting friends and soon to be family
Bookmarking: This shoulder knit thingy
Opening: My brain and pouring in knowledge
Giggling: over stories about hiking trips
Feeling: Ready, for what I don’t know…

I stole this from a lovely blog I stalk. :o)

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