Highlights of My Weekend in Portland

Playing on (and eating) the grass for the first time

Shopping for lovely yarn in an adorable knit shop

Feeling inspired in a beautiful fabric store right next to the knit shop

NOT enjoying bubble tea, but definitely enjoying the company

Making apple pie with strange ingredients

Being enlightened by a passionate Pastor

Enjoying watching the kids get to know each other (and in Briana’s case learn that babies don’t have cooties)

Jack-in-the-box!! OMW, they have THE BEST TACOS!! What?! A mini funnel cake?! No. way.

Playing the best game ever (Hand and Foot) with my favorite partner in crime while the baby plays quietly (or not so quietly) on the floor.

I so enjoyed the short time spent with Misty in Portland. I wish it were easier to trek the 3000 miles, so we could see each other more often!