It’s MLK day, you know… I think Nora could have gone to school, but Noah didn’t, so I just kept them both out. We decided to go to the park, which we always seem to do on school holidays. We thought we’d go to the Butterfly park, but OMG. There were too many people there. I could just imagine elbowing some kid to get a swing! I couldn’t even park in the overflow parking!

We went to Peterson instead. I love Peterson Park. It’s the one behind the YMCA, with the trail by the lake? We’ve had Birthdays there, so Nora was calling it her “birthday park”. We played a while with strangers and their dogs. Noah was gathering pine cones and asked if we could make bird feeders, “in only three special steps”. lol

Sure! Why not? We took a few home and I stopped at Lynn’s Fish and Pets and bought 85 cents worth of bird seed and we came home and made peanut butter pine cone bird feeders! It was pretty neat.

Scoop of PB on a spoon
Small pine cone
Bowl of bird seed
String or ornament hook

-Spread the PB on the pine cone, roll it around in the bird seed
-We tied yarn around ours, but I think an ornament hook would work best.
-Hang in your favorite tree. :o)

It was a quiet day today and it’s back to the grind tomorrow. Happy MLK day!

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