House Changes

I was so incredibly excited to just see the house again and incredibly relieved to finally pick hardwood flooring that we feel really good about, but then Jason and his dad continued to work on the house! It is so fun to watch a house transform!

We knew that we would need to divide a room for the baby and Nora, but we weren’t positive how and where we would place the wall. As Charley was working he thought taking out a bit of the porch and giving the girls more room would be a better use of space. Because we can’t actually see what he is talking about we were a bit concerned about the idea especially considering that that would mean making Jason share his office with the washer and dryer. lol When we finally got to the house after the lovely *cough* 12 hour roadtrip and soaked it all in, I could see how that would definitely be a good idea. (Sorry Jason).

Porch area that will be going away

We went up there knowing that the electric in the back area of the house would need to be redone and that Jason would of course be helping his dad while we were there. Here is what they got done: (Please forgive the wackadoo measurements)

Frame for the wall dividing the nursery and Nora's room
View from the nursery into Nora's room and at the end there is her closet
The view from their rooms :o)
Jason's handiwork
More of his handiwork
The doorway on the left will become a wall and a new doorway will be made
Charley creating the new doorway
Hard to believe it is that easy!
My mom demonstrating the new doorway

What’s left to be done in the rooms (I think) is the drywall and the fixtures. The countertops and the floors are what is left in the living area. It will look totally different in there! I think I’ll paint Nora’s room a soft pink and I’m hoping Jason will be able to make me a fabric banner for her room as well. Lorelei’s room will be the color called Potter’s Clay, the same as it is now and I am hoping to incorporate the color called Butter (yellow, obviously, hehe) in the living area, but only on the island, the new hall wall and perhaps the mirror that Charley made me for Christmas. Noah’s room will be the same as it is now, but with horizontal stripes instead of vertical stripes. I have NO IDEA what our room will look like! Seriously, no clue.

It was very difficult to leave North Carolina, so I’m hoping it is a good sign! Each trip we settle in a little more, continuing to make plans and decisions. Although I’m about ready to throw it all in a truck and just GO ALREADY, we still have a few more weeks. I’m sure Charley is glad cause that is the time he needs to finish most of the big stuff. I am continually amazed that my husband and his father are so incredibly talented and hardworking! The choice to extend the rooms will make it so that we can stay in the house longer if need be even if we have a couple more kiddos over the next few years. This makes my heart happy. :o)

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  1. It looks awesome! I love the woods :-) I can’t wait to visit, what room do I get? ;-)
    Oh and I am so thankful for those handy belts…crack kills you know? lol

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