Icy Pond

On one of our walks in NC this past Christmas we came upon a pond that was frozen. This may be something so ordinary to some of you, but I’ve never seen (and I’m pretty sure the kids haven’t either) a frozen anything that wasn’t at The Lakeland Center or man-made.

We started off by having Jason throw huge rocks high in the air and seeing and hearing a satisfying thud as it hit the ice. :o) Eventually it broke through, and we let Noah and then Nora sortof stand on it next to the pier (with Jason’s help) and they jumped on it and broke it too. Nora probably could have walked out onto the ice, but we weren’t about to let her!

Towards the edge Jason broke off a huge chunk and some small ones for us to examine. The way it crystallizes is also pretty amazing.

A very cute chocolate lab came over to say hi and followed us back to the road as if to say, “thanks for stopping by”. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Frozen pond
The rocks
Where the kids jumped on the ice
Ice from the pond
Cute doggie

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