Indiana is full of strange animals. We went to Apple Works, which is an apple orchard. They only had Gold Rush apples that day, but they were yummy! They had a nice garden area with a creek and a gazebo. The billy goat let me stroke his goatee, seriously. It was soft! :o) There was this bamboo maze (for kids, whatever) that you had to follow the colors in exact order; yellow, red, blue (I think) to get to the golden stone in the middle. That is me on the golden stone, still sick. It was so neat. We also stopped at a yarn store that spins its own yarn and has its own sheep! We got to pet the sheep and say hi to the sheep dogs. The little baby sheep was extra soft. Their eyes are horizontal slits! I am not sure if I have ever seen a sheep up close. Goats, yes, but not sheep.

The best part was time spent with my good friend Syndi. We have always had good conversations, so we definitely took advantage of the quiet times.


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