We recently took the kids to the park, Common Ground, or as we like to call it the Butterfly Park. It is such a neat park. The only thing typical about this park is the slides and the swings and even these have a “twist”. It is a very large park. You really can (and some have) lose your child there. It is ALWAYS packed and loved by the community.

They have put up a small tent with real butterflies in it. They have some neat plants in there too, but it is small enough that kids can get up close and personal with the butterflies. Naturally some our dead because of this- the butterflies, not the kids- but still a very neat thing that I hope they don’t continue for too long. I don’t subscribe to Peta, but there isn’t anyone guarding this tent, so the butterflies are at the mercy of individual discretion.

Sadly, we don’t get to the park often. We are usually at family’s houses playing in the pool or at home playing in the dirt. My children are in school everyday, but I am not with them, so I don’t get to see how they interact with other kids. Noah has been allowed to do things by himself more lately. For example: at the park I watched him run to the bathroom (all the way across the park) to go pee by himself. I could see him the whole time and it is a single bathroom, but still scary (for me). He recognizes that this is abnormal and I am seeing how he does with a little more freedom. On his way back to me from the bathroom he stopped to play a moment with a kid. This kid was a rocker with a mohawk! Totally cool dude. Noah did an awesome move (or so mohawk boy thought) and congratulated him while offering his hand for a high-five. Noah knows what a high-five is and has done it before, but he just didn’t high-five him, totally left him hangin’. I thought this peculiar and asked for a high-five from Noah when he returned to me. He just sortof looked at me. I explained to him what it meant and that the other little boy had wanted to high-five him.

I then watched Nora taking turns to slide down this crazy-rolling-slide-thingy. One boy went and then because it is a wide slide Nora and another younger boy were about to go. Nora turned to him and said, “it’s not your turn, it’s mine.” Completely polite. Informing him of the way things run around here. lol She went and then he went and all was well.

These may seem like minor instances, but in the way that people interact with each other speaks volumes. It is neat to see how people speak or touch each other. (Not like that…gross!) Mainly you can tell if they respect that person and/or themselves. I am taking an office administration management class and the introductory chapter was talking about how email has changed a lot of things. I think email has changed the way we interact with each other. Email has made people more bold in their words and less respectful. Myself included. Email is easier because it doesn’t take a full on discussion and really only half your brain. The way words are written can either offend or encourage and it is up to the reader to take it either way. In a spoken conversation with someone, they get your body language, your eyes, the way that you may possible touch their hand or shoulder. Not to mention the human touch response. I think we are like cats and dogs sometimes, needing our bellies rubbed.

I liked seeing Nora express herself politely without any help from me and enjoyed this insight into her personality. The same with Noah. I think Jason has been a very good influence on them. He is the epitome of self control and is almost always patient you can hear it in his voice. I think it is good for them to see how we interact too. The one thing I am wanting to help Noah develop is perseverance. He gives up too easily. In games, in learning words. He’s like, “just tell me so we can move on”. Perseverance is not a fun thing to learn, but oh how it will help him throughout life! I am also finding that Noah is a visual person. He gets a lot of his information that way. It will be neat to find ways to show him that perseverance is pertinent to life. And by neat I mean pain in the booty!

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