Is this Nesting?

It’s no secret that I don’t LOVE my house. I appreciate having a home and not having a large house payment, but with our family expanding it has become all too clear that more space is needed. We’re planning to find a larger house, but not until next Summer at the earliest, so I’ve had to get used to the idea of a stranger (my Midwife) coming to the house for prenatal visits and birthing at home, and the eventual visitors who will probably swarm wanting to see the baby after she’s born. There are a lot of practical factors preventing me from loving this house, but after this past weekend I’m starting to like it more.

Saturday morning we got up and started to paint Noah’s room. I had chosen a base color and wanted to add some horizontal (which got changed to vertical) stripes in this awesome green and orange, that I stood at HD picking out for about an hour. We’ve started painting other rooms and other places in the past and I’ve been hesitant to love the color at first, but this time I immediately loved it. It’s called Autumn Haze. There is a lot to the name of a paint color…

I got Noah new curtains and sheets and his room was transformed. He is growing up and this room is for a young man. He loves it, even though the room is smaller, it is still HIS. I’m so glad. :o)

On Sunday after going through mounds of toys and setting up Noah’s room I went to Target for curtain rods. While I was gone, Jason and Noah painted Nora’s room a grey taupe color called Potter’s clay. I matched it to the bedding the new baby will have (once Jason sews it all together) and had plans to paint a tree on one wall. I saw this tree in Word forever ago and showed Jason who had this bright idea to project it onto the wall, making it easier to paint.

Here is the projection:

And the finished project:

Having the kid’s rooms done and them being so thrilled with them makes our house feel more homey and helps me to relax into learning to enjoy this house while we are in it. Now if only we could get our closet finished…

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