I’ve Gotta Peaceful, Easy Feeling

I was loading up some preggo pics and found this picture that Jason’s dad snapped not too long ago. This was taken on a trip to North Carolina in June of this year. The kids were with their dad in Colorado and little did I know that not more than a week or two later after this was taken I’d be peeing on stick and giving Jason surprise birthday news. :oD

I know I’ve said numerous times that just rolling into familiar Franklin territory puts smiles on our faces and the burdens of everyday roll off our shoulders. This (to me) is a perfect moment and I remember it clearly. We are mid conversation with Jason’s mom while perched on their deck with the beautiful mountains surrounding us. I’ve got a cup of yummy coffee in my hands and absolutely no responsibilities calling to me. I could sit there all day.

We are so thankful that most of Jason’s family is close enough for us to visit so often and that they live in such a nice area. ;o) Since this was taken, we’ve visited a couple of times with the children and our next visit will most likely be during Summer vacation and will include a little one. My what a difference a year makes! :o)

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