Jason’s Bday

We went to Abuelo’s to celebrate as I’m sure I have mentioned, especially since it has been a few months. They have a ridiculously large light in the middle of the room that makes it feel like it is the middle of the afternoon when it is really very late at night. It made for great pics of us though!

Jason and Danielle

We had our usual faves there; Bobby and Britt, Carrie and Edd, but a few new friends joined us that night. Tim and Regena Sizemore. Tim is our Sunday school teacher and Pastor of Lakeland Fellowship, our beloved church, and Regena is a fellow member of the Ladies Book Club.

Tim and Regena Sizemore

Also joining us were Bill and Sue Vandergriff. Miss Sue is from Tennessee and Hi-lar-i-ous! She gave me some helpful advice about how to get Jason to propose. ;-) She is also a fellow member of the Ladies Book Club. Her husband (also very funny) leads the business meetings at LF.

Bill and Sue Vandergriff

Good people, good times, good friends!

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