Jason’s New Job

I know I’ve mentioned being stressed out, I can finally talk about why. For the past six months Jason has been job hunting with no real possibilities in sight. We live in a small town and would like to continue to live in this small town, but jobs here are slim, especially for IT.

We were lucky that Jason got a job here in the first place. They were hiring at the local hospital, Angel Medical Center, but Jason was moving here from out of state, just closing his business (no one wants to be the first to hire an entrepreneur) with only an AA and zero certifications. All he had was his experience. It turned out to be perfect for the help desk job he applied for and he took the offer they gave him, gratefully. Another lucky happening coupled with a great boss and Jason’s amazing work ethic got him promoted within a year to Interim IT Director. He learned and grew in that position, as did our family, as a larger hospital, Mission Health Systems, took over the smaller one and he never got Interim taken off his title, just empty promises.

About six months or so ago, they hired an IT Director solidifying an end to Jason’s position and put us in limbo. They offered Jason a horrible job well below his qualifications and he chose to keep looking. Would he find another job equal in pay? Would it be here in Franklin or would he have to travel? Would that mean another move? Most of the jobs he found were not in Franklin and those who cold find were not enough to support us. Would I have to return to work with a tiny baby at home? This went on for months taking its toll on us. We realized that Jason might need to return to school and he definitely needed a few certifications. Some changes at work made that impossible as he has been involved in a software change and the company put a hold on time off recently.

Jason interviewed for a few positions. One was a definite no for us and the other was a maybe, but another boss seemed to be making it difficult for Jason to move on to another position than he had in mind. Luckily a new team was forming and that team’s manager kept Jason in mind working his way through the system to be able to bring a job offer to Jason.

This happened last week and Jason accepted the offer on Monday. The pay is a little more, but Jason has to drive to Asheville (1.5 hrs each way). They also require him to get his BA in Computer Science or something related, but offer tuition reimbursement making getting his degree pretty cheap.

A lot of changes come with this job. Jason will leave extremely early in the morning, so I will have to take the kids to school. Normally Jason drops them off on his way into work. He won’t get home until after 6pm, so I am on my own with dinner. It’s still a bit difficult to cook with a screaming baby. My carrier and Nora will help a lot. However, I usually drop Noah at karate and Jason picks him up on his way home at 5p or 6p. Now I’ll either have to stay and watch (along with the other three) or run back and pick him up. Last night Jason got home late giving me a taste of what it might be like soon. I made a comment about moving to Asheville in order to see him more. He made a good point that living in Asheville doesn’t mean he won’t have to leave early in the morning or get home late. He might just be fighting traffic instead of driving through the mountains. We do love living in the mountains, so we would like to stay in Franklin.

He has chosen his major and applied at ECU. I’m realizing that he’ll get home from work and have to do schoolwork. He’ll be home, but not fully. It’s gonna be a long couple of years, but it is worth it. We’ll just have to make the most of the weekends.


Lorelei learning to ride, Shortline


Shortline, Peek-a-boo

Shortline, Nora and Noah

I was there too


Shortline, Lorelei

We went to Shortline last weekend to enjoy some nature and the briefly good weather.

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