Just Because

Last night, I finally got us to clean up the disaster that changing the rooms around has caused. As I was surveying the living room, which has been arranged the same way for so long, I felt this neeeed to rearrange it. The problem is that the TV can really only go in that one spot or nearby.

The last few times I’ve been in the living room I’ve been annoyed that I have this one spot I always sit in and it is directly in front of the TV. Jason (bless him) helped me move the couch around and the chair out of the corner where it gets no use whatsoever making it terribly awkward to watch TV. I love it. Even though it won’t stay this way because, let’s face it, we do watch TV or play the Wii from time to time; I like going in there and sitting in a different attitude if you know what I mean. Now when I sit in my spot on the couch I stare at the bookshelf filled with books and cannot see the litter box in need of changing out of the corner of my eye. :o)

We also started rearranging the bedroom. I got Jason to put the sewing machine back together since it is not in use at the moment and I finally filed away all of those papers I have been saving. I’m getting ready to pair down the desk area in preparation for the baby and not being in school any longer (until next time). It is so nice to see the house differently and to have things in their place! The chaos gets ignored until it can not be ignored any longer, you know? I love that Jason just goes along with me when I get in a rearrange kind of mood. As much as he hates change, he realizes that a little thing like rearranging the living room makes me so very happy.

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