Just Say No

Being home more often is great. It is also a little bit difficult. I get up, go to school, come home and pick up Noah from school. We are home from 3pm on. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but that’s three extra hours. I’m used to picking the kids up at 530pm making dinner and doing the bedtime routine. Now it’s just Noah and I left to our own devices.

Noah actually will entertain himself really well. He loves to explore the woods by our house and pester the chickens. He likes to draw and color and paint. The problem is the dreaded TV. He usually has a snack when he gets home and we’ll automatically turn on the TV for a few minutes. Luckily he goes straight for the history channel; he did not get that from me. One day last week that’s all he did. He watched TV while I was doing homework or blogging or something. ;o) I turned it off and he flipped. This is why we do not watch TV.

It’s not because I’m a crazy mom thinking that TV will rot your brain, it’s because it turns the kids (and myself) into brats. Sluggish, whiny brats. I believe that we are put on this earth to be productive. We should be using our brains to make things or learn things or to maintain our household. When the kids have watched TV, they go through immediate withdrawals. It’s not pretty and it’s very loud. Same with the Wii, which is why Noah only gets to play the Wii on the weekends and we are usually gone for most it. Boundaries. :o)

I struggle myself. I wouldn’t say I’m bored because I have lots to do, but the lure of TV is so strong! There’s all of these fabulous shows about landscaping and renovating! I even like that silly Mtv show 16 and pregnant! lol Today as I was eating lunch at 4pm, I turned it on and got sucked in and had to consciously turn it off. I walked away and started another load of laundry and vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. I feel so much better. After watching TV, I feel like crap. Tonight I told the kids NO. No TV, no movies, find something else to do. They’ve heard this before, so they only whined a little. It’s the watching and then not watching that provokes them, but if they don’t watch anything, they are so content. Tonight they played outside with bubbles, they played play-doh and with art supplies. It was great.

These are the days I look back on and am glad that I get the opportunity to be home more.

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