We went last night to a school event where we got to meet with the teacher and ask questions. We met in the cafeteria first to view a presentation about the SBAR which basically means that the kids are no longer graded, but evaluated. They no longer get letter grades, but marks indicating if they have achieved the standards set up by the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards board. I actually like this better because it seems like the children are evaluated on a more individual basis rather than whether they are smart or not. We will see how it goes.

Noah has an agenda book that he brings home for me to sign every day. He gets either a green, yellow or red face which shows whether he has followed the rules that day or not. They also get Whiz Kid tickets for being, responsible, respectful etc. He has gotten a ticket so far for being responsible. He has gotten mostly green smiling faces, one yellow unsmiling, but not frowning face and one big red sad face. I basically stayed on red and remember many a trips to the Principal’s office at this age. Noah, however, wants to stay on green. I didn’t care. How to handle this? Kids are allowed bad days just like anybody else. I want him to understand the importance of following the rules and being respectful to his teacher, but also understand that staying on green every single day is unrealistic.

The teacher gives many warnings (of course) and doesn’t like to give red faces. I disagree with this approach, because if Noah gets warnings he will push you over the edge. He will dance on that red face line simply because he can. I am thinking of mentioning this to the teacher. I want to be a supportive parent, not one that says, “how dare you send him home with a red face”. If he earned it, he needs to deal with those consequences.

Another thing I have been thinking about is Kidcare. Kidcare is great! The teachers are super nice and he says he likes it, but it seems to be too much. He gets home and is beyond tired. He is beyond cranky. After looking at his schedule last night and seeing what he does every single day I understand why. On Monday Nora was sick again. (I don’t think I have gone to work on a Monday in three weeks!) Noah has wanted to ride the bus home, so I called the school and told them that he would not be staying for Kidcare and he would be riding the bus home. He loved it. He didn’t get off when he was supposed to and was the last kid on the bus, but he loved it. I would like for him to be able to come home after school at 3pm every day. That day he wasn’t overly tired and was very pleasant. We got to spend time together, I cleaned up the house and the kids got to help with dinner. This was a much better process.

I have to work. We are a two income household and we have bills and a wedding to pay for. There is a balance though. Yes, my kids have to be in daycare and that is what is best for our family, but does Noah HAVE to also go to Kidcare or can we rearrange our schedules to take better care of him? This would give me 6 less hours of pay and make things a little more difficult for Jason on Wednesday nights when I have school, but I think we can work it out. I haven’t yet made a decision, but I know which way I’m leaning.

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