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Knitting may not be one of your favorite pastimes, but it is quickly becoming one of mine. :o) It has grown from a neglected hobby to an art that I must learn everything about. That proves very difficult when there is only 2 knitting stores here and the nearest knitting store is 30 miles away and only open 9a-2p. The other is a bit farther, but open normal hours and it is the one I frequent when in need of what I’ll call “premium” products. Otherwise I will stop into Joann’s if I am desperate for a more popular item.

I started on a hat for Jason that I am realllly excited about. He’s not so sure, but I think he will like it once it is done. It is knitted on size 6 needles for almost 19 inches and then decreased! I had bought some wonderful gray (more for me to learn here) yarn at least a year ago and finally found the project for it. In my opinion, you have to LOVE the yarn to stick to the project. I am also learning that loving the needles is important too. I ran out to Joann’s to get a size 6 circular needle 16 inches (long? around? circumference?) , but they only had double-pointed needles (dpn’s) in that size. I want to learn to knit well on dpn’s anyway, so I went ahead, got the needles, and started the hat. After three tries (I so think that is the magic number for a new project) I finally got it going and was doing well with the pattern and the dpn’s. The quality of the needles made it a little frustrating though, and a bit of work to bust out the project with only a short time to work on it, so it began to sit in my project bag for long periods. At that point I knew that I needed to splurge on circulars, so Noah and I headed out to Tampa one afternoon this week to pick some up.

I prefer metal needles. I knit very tightly and am mean to the wooden or bamboo needles. They get scraped up and I have to help the yarn along which irritates me. That is for circular knitting. For straight knitting, I really like the wooden needles. Once I was at the shop, I asked the owner about needles as I was paying for them. I would not consider this shop to be very friendly, but she was much obliged to share her knowledge with me. She may have been the owner.

I simply asked her what the difference was between all of the mediums for needles? What makes one person choose one or the other? Is it preference?? Yes. Yes it is. I have fallen in love with stainless steel, but there is also bamboo, rosewood, ebony, and blends of different types of woods. There are decorative and expensive needles that are very beautiful and (I imagine) a dream to knit with. Needles are an investment, especially here in Florida, where they are not chucked to the nearest thrift store for the novice knitter to find; maybe the aluminum ones, which is what my dpn’s were. As I transferred from the dpn’s to the circular there was an audible sigh of relief. It was so smooth and the yarn began to fly on the needles! I will once again (possibly) pick up the dpn’s to decrease, but that won’t be for a while yet and I happily have become quite comfortable with dpn’s.

This particular store seemed to favor a brand called Lantern Moon. They had a lot of Rosewood and ebony needles for about 3x as much as I spent on the stainless steel.

This has given me a lot to chew on as I finish Jason’s hat. I am looking forward to the knowledge I will gain in NC at their one knitting store in Franklin. I hope they will be as forthcoming as the Tampa store was especially about the Looms they house. :o) Oh and we may go White Water Rafting again, so we’ve got that to look forward to along with spending time with Jason’s family. Can’t wait.

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  1. For me, I think it depends on the project at hand. I like metal for knitting in the round but I like wood straight needles. So many choices!

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