Labor Day Weekend

Whew! It has been raining here It did not stop us from partying it up though!

Let me back up a few days… Our good friends Nathan and Jackie (and his parents) came to visit and rented a beautiful cabin for the weekend, so we got to hang out with them at our house and their cabin as well. It was so good to see them! We played the Wii a few times and a neat game called Sequence. We took them for a hike and showed them around town. At their cabin, we hung out on the deck and enjoyed the paddle boat and fire pit. It was almost like we were on vacation too! Except for the part where Noah was climbing around on the deck where he should not have been and disturbed a wasp’s nest. LHM he screamed bloody murder and we ran downstairs to see what happened and all we saw was his legs hanging over the side of the deck kicking wildly, so we ran back upstairs and Jason grabbed him out of the swarming angry wasps. I was literally paralyzed. I’d like to think that I would leap tall buildings for my children, but wasps make me freeze up, I have no idea why. Thankfully this is something my husband remembers about me and he came to the rescue. Barb (Nathan’s mom) was great, she put some vinegar on the sting and talked to him and while I hugged him and we all had a “boys will be boys” chuckle while our hearts started beating again.

The best part was how much they enjoy the kids. Lorelei of course pretty much refused to let them hold her, but the kids just ate up the attention! They were so sweet to take Noah and Nora back to the cabin with them Saturday night, so that Jason and I could go on a date. We went to Fatz for dinner and Lorelei did so well. She didn’t cry once and she sat in her high chair and got to try mashed potatoes and calabash chicken for the first time. She and I got all dressed up for Daddy and we had a great time! :o)

We had a nice big bonfire the night before they left and smores before we said our goodbyes. We certainly will miss them.

Today Nora and I made her strawberry birthday cake. She also helped Barb make pancakes Sunday morning and Barb remarked about how well she did mixing everything. I guess I’m doing something right. Right? *crossing fingers* I finished the crown I had been knitting for her which she wore for about 2 minutes and then threw off. lol The cake turned out pretty good though. It is only my second try making a birthday cake from scratch and I think this recipe is a keeper. I’ve got to work on my decorating skills though (Jason helped with the stars).

Nora got a bunch of presents, fit for a princess, and Grandpa Charley made her a beautiful chest (toy box) which she will be able to keep for a very long time and Grandma Corrine made her a big girl purse. I sure hope these kids appreciate such heartfelt gifts. If not, hopefully I’ll be around to remind them until they do. ;o)

I have Bible Study tomorrow, but the house is a mess and I’ve got a ton to do, so most likely we’ll be staying home and playing with her new toys and sorting through the old toys to see which are worthy of the new toy box. Happy Labor Day!