Labor Love

Monday afternoon was spent with the midwife going over what to expect for our homebirth. Jason was here with me and we discussed things like, signs of labor, the afterbirth, who will be here for the birth and what their roles will be. I discovered that my midwife will bring an assistant with her for the last stage of delivery. She kept saying “we” when she talked about delivery and I always assumed that it was a “we, midwives” sort of thing, but Jason asked for clarification during our discussion which lead to this news (good to know!). There were a lot of technical questions asked as well and I was glad Jason was able to take the time from work to be here for my appt. It is getting close to the time of delivery and all too real.

On Tuesday morning something seemed, “off”. Usually the baby wakes me up around 6am running around like a hamster in my belly, but she hadn’t done that and when I got out of bed to get ready around 8am she still hadn’t really stirred. I began poking and prodding her and she began to move, but very slowly when normally she pushes right back immediately. This was highly unusual and I told Jason so.

I was worried, so we called the midwife and decided to go up to the hospital. I would so much rather be safe than sorry. The midwife picked up on the third try and I told her what was going on. She was already at the hospital (she’s an RN in Labor and Delivery) and said she would let the triage nurse know we were coming. She didn’t sound nervous, cause she’s amazing, and Jason and I dropped Nora off at school and proceeded to the hospital.

She still wasn’t moving a whole lot when we got there, but slowly improved. The nurses were very nice and the doctor was efficient and knowledgeable as well. They strapped me in and I got a glimpse of what it would be like if we were delivering at the hospital. The heart and contraction monitors were uncomfortable and annoying. Jason had about 3-4 emergencies going on at the office (which means he was glued to his phone) while we were being monitored and I was so cold. The only way to endure that and contractions is to have a really short labor or an epidural. I could just see Jason glued to his phone while I am zoned out on drugs waiting to reach 10 cm. I look forward to a different tale.

The baby perked up and the doctor did an ultrasound to check on her. She had good fluid levels, breathing, heartrate etc. From my fall on Saturday there was no abruption of the placenta and the cord was tucked to the side where it should be. It was great to see the baby and really put my mind at ease that everything was okay. Jason handled things well, between trying to figure out the monitor and how everything works while holding my hand and trying not to freak. He did voice concerns about the actual birth after our little scare, but I think when the time comes he will do well.

I also found out that the baby is still posterior. That’s not good. That means that labor will be horrific and painful, so I am doing a downward dog pose in hopes that the baby will flip. She’s still head down thankfully and she can be delivered posterior, but it ain’t fun. There is still time. She is also measuring small which is a surprise to me. Jason is large; very tall, large head, broad shoulders. I figured our child would be as well, but she is measuring at 32 weeks and I am 36 weeks. I think this is good for two reasons; I really didn’t want an amazonian girl and delivering a huge child at home is doable, but maybe next time, k?

Because I wasn’t able to take my iron until around lunchtime, I was useless all day and in bed around 7pm. Thank God for Floradix. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through this pregnancy without it. Today is a little better. Jason will be happy to see that I was able to do laundry. :o) It is very comical how ridiculously hard it is to do mundane tasks with an extra 30 or so pounds around your middle. lol I’m also not able to do as much with the kids in the afternoons, but thankfully, living out in the boonies has taught them to amuse themselves with play-doh, coloring, and playing in our redneck backyard. I’m still trying to imagine doing all of these tasks with a newborn attached to me, but I’ll find out what it is like soon enough!

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