Learn to Ride

We decided to take Noah’s training wheels off his bike this weekend. He’s big enough and capable enough to learn to ride without them.

Noah gives up easily. Soon after beginning a difficult task he quits. He does not know what it means to persevere. Since perseverance is a necessity in life, I hope to be able to teach him this skill sooner rather than later. Learning to ride his bike without training wheels is a perfect opportunity.

We started Saturday with me holding the back of his seat almost the whole time as he got used to balancing and controlling the direction in which he was going. I noticed that he was awkward with the bicycle. He hasn’t had much opportunity to ride even with his training wheels on in the past year. The bike seemed heavy and like it was controlling him rather than him controlling it. He cried a lot yesterday and we soon went inside. I told him that we would NOT be putting the training wheels back on.

Today he was ready to try again. It was a little bit different today. He was more comfortable with the bike and accepted the fact that he would tumble over almost every time. I was surprised at how quickly he caught on. He gained confidence, so I decided that I would hold on for a moment as he got going and then I would let go. We did this for a while and got to the point that I would only steady him before he took off. I cannot describe the sheer joy of watching him take off all by himself and ride his bike without training wheels.

Nora at the same time was learning to ride her big girl bike WITH training wheels. Peddling at this point is difficult because going backwards puts on the brakes. Nora just cries and says “I can’t” until hopefully you do it for her. We basically ignored her until she got the hint that no one was going to help her and she did it herself. So we are almost to the point of riding bikes together. I told Noah once he learned to ride without training wheels, we would get him a new, bigger, cooler bike. :o) Perseverance has its rewards.

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