Let’s Go Feed the Ducks…errr…Seagulls…

It has been a while since we went to the lake and fed the ducks. It is almost always a fun outing especially since everyone walks and carts their own bread and listens to mommy (mostly).

This is what it was like today:

The swans are huge! The seagulls are ridiculous! It’s like being at the beach. How funny is it that we tell the kids NOT to feed the seagulls at the beach and we allow them TO feed them at the lake?? And how many actual ducks do you think we saw today? Only a handful. There were more swans than ducks. There were also a lot of Coots, which are those weird little birds that have lime green (rather large) feet. They are my favorites! They make a horrendous noise too, but not as bad as these guys:


Geese are so muscular and proud looking. Their feathers look so soft and they always seem so clean. If only they would shut up!

It was much cooler than we had planned and we ended walking around the entire lake. For some reason the car does not follow closely behind as you walk… I began to notice all of the improvements the City has made. The first was the brick walls at the shore which have been in place for a while, but there used to be all of these fences surrounding “aquatic life” signs. There are still a couple of fences, but now we actually see the aquatic life. They have beautiful trees and bushes planted everywhere which makes for a pleasant ambiance and small bushes near the shore that helps give the birds a place to hide. Maybe that’s where all of the ducks are hiding!

I love the Downtown area and am very appreciative of all of the improvements. We drove near my old apartment which was sad to see because they’ve kicked everyone out and are making renovations. Everything changes I guess; let’s hope for the better.