Limits and Limitations

We’ve got this little spreadsheet going of the things we would like to do to the house in NC, a little reno list. We can’t do it all, of course, such is the trap of owning a home (or so I’ve been told). There is always more to do or get or change. I think even if we did do it all, I would find a way to improve each room pretty quickly.

I was told about a new blog that the chick who did our wedding pictures started this year. She has decided not to buy anything personal for herself for a full year; clothes, accessories, etc. This would be the equivalent of me giving up coffee. I have been catching up and have really enjoyed her writing as well as the insight she has acquired on this journey. We are very similar in personality and compulsions.

When I think about the house (oh so very often) I have it all planned out in my head. Paint colors, furniture, organized spaces and areas for each person in the house. I look forward to putting the colors and items together and seeing the complete picture. Jason, however, is not on the same page as me. He grounds me for sure and not in the “2 weeks” way, but in reality. Sometimes I disagree -okay most times I disagree- but it has sparked a bit of frugality in me as my dear friend Misty pointed out just the other day. Here is an example: we use the toaster over often, but it is small and old and, well, dirty. I would love to get a new one that is larger and pretty and clean, but I looked at our old one just yesterday and I heard in my head “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” We can clean that stupid toaster oven and make it do! I don’t think I have ever thought this way. It is either really annoying or quite freeing

We recently purchased a coffee maker that I simply love and have pared down my Sbux consumption to maybe twice a week. Considering I normally go there on a daily basis it is much improved. But! Now I drink 2 cups of coffee a day! Which is why I am still up at midnight when I should be sleeping. I’m thinking it is all about balance which I am desperately trying to obtain. I mentioned that I got a mommy and me yoga dvd, right? Well, I am still enjoying it and have seen some improvement. Yay! I enjoy the stretching and breathing and the playfulness with Lorelei. It keeps me home for 45 minutes more when I would usually be out the door to Starbucks or Target before picking up Nora. I’ve been home this week, but ventured out to Target today and Publix and took out $20 for what I am hoping will last until next Thursday at least. I am trying to learn to pare down my whimsical shopping to once a week. That’s the max I will get when we move to NC unless I want to frequent Wal-Mart or Big Lots. With gas still climbing upwards of $4.00 a gallon, even driving seems like a luxury. Quick trips take their toll when it takes $40 to get over half a tank! Which doesn’t last long.

We are unsure completely of what the future holds, but I know this time of preparation will definitely serve us well.

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