Lost in Babyland

I take pictures of the baby and post them to facebook or send them to Jason. It has become a daily activity. We are forever immersed in learning to breastfeed. I have been to the lactation consultant twice now with no clear answers. I can only keep going with the shields in hopes that once she gets a little bigger it won’t be so painful while trying not to feel defective. I try to stay positive and happy that I can still nurse her even though it doesn’t “look” like I expected it to look and am grateful for this time to be home and love my baby.

This week has been a little more stressful because of Spring Break. The kids and I weren’t able to do as much since we have a two week old, but we have spent time at the library, park, and the movies. We went and saw Tangled, which turned out to be super cute and funny. And of course time spent playing the wii!

Even though all of that is going on I decided a month or two ago to take Noah to see a Psychologist. It took that long to get an appt. He’s been having problems at school and as much as I loathe his teacher and would like things to be all her fault I know that Noah is not behaving well. I also know that the life Noah has had so far has a little bit to do with it. The chick we talked to wanted to do an ADD/ADHD screening because just in talking with us he seems to have tendencies. Patrick supposedly had it as a child as well and I am told it is hereditary. I struggle with this because I am not certain whether ADD is an actual “disease” or just a convenient phenomenon. She assured me that she only tries medication when necessary and that she wasn’t leaning that way with Noah at this point. She had me fill out a questionnaire along with his teacher, his art, science and music teacher as well as Jason. I was glad for the many opinions because if it were up to his teacher he would already be medicated. The counselor also thought that Noah would benefit from a few sessions with someone which would give Noah an ally, someone to talk to that isn’t biased. She gave us some suggestions that may work with his behavior, which we are working on and we have a followup appt on Monday.

It is hard to believe that Lorelei has only been here a couple of weeks. I know that parents normally can’t believe how the time flies, but for some reason it feels like it has been longer than a few weeks with Lorelei. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

I don’t feel that the transition to three has been bad, but it is definitely a transition. I know that the kids aren’t getting as much attention as they were before Lorelei came. I know that I am a little bit snippier with them, but it is getting better.

Jason has been working a lot. Like every night when he comes home and on the weekends. He has been spending a lot of time at the data center as well. So I am lost in babyland and he is lost in computerland. Hopefully we will come out of the fog at some point.

In reading this it seems as if I am a bit melancholy. I think it is partly to do with the lack of sleep and the fact that I am writing this while Lorelei screams in Jason’s arms because this is one of those nights where nothing works and there is nothing left to do, but let her cry herself to sleep. It is rare and doesn’t take very long. Thankfully.

On a brighter note, the kids and I watched Napoleon Dynamite today. It is amazing how much the kids related to the movie. I guess the humor was a bit on the same level with a seven year old. It was funny to watch the old jokes, “Can I have your tots?” “Knumchuck skillz, computer hacking skillz…” “Whatever I wanna do, GOSH!” Ahh, memories… :oD

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