Major Change

S chool has been a major investment of my time for about two years now. I have been working on my A.S. in Office Management. I originally started in that direction because of the opportunity to work in Jason’s company and it is something I thought I would be good at. I am not, however, interested in being a receptionist. I know from experience that I am not a good administrative assistant. Sitting meekly in a chair answering phone calls all day would cause me to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon!

Sadly, a receptionist position is pretty much all that is available right now in the short list of jobs in my area on Monster. The office management jobs require four year degrees and I would need someone to take a chance that I would be able to do what is required with only an A.A. With so many people out of work and taking jobs they are over qualified for, the chances of someone under qualified getting the job is very slim, but not impossible.

Another obstacle, is the classes needed to finish my office management degree are spread out for the next three terms (including summer). The classes I have left are Economics, Business Law, International Office Protocol, Word Processing and Forms Design. I have been doing a lot of writing and revising lately which I enjoy immensely. The classes I have enjoyed the most have been classes like Business Communications that teach you how to write and communicate better in business. This passion for writing and the hesitation to continue with office management lead me to do a little research into what degrees I could get given the classes I have already taken, even if only an A.A. in Liberal Arts.

I had thought about Mass Communications before, but knew it would require further schooling in order to do anything with it. I looked at it again and realized how close I was to obtaining that degree. I figured I could do just as much if not more with an A.A. in Mass Comm than an A.S. in Office Management. The classes still needed for that degree are, Nutrition and Drugs (Biology), Philosophy, my second math, Public Speaking, and a 6 week discussion course that is mostly a topical writing course. All of these classes are offered in the Fall of 2010 and can be taken in Plant City. Which means I wouldn’t be driving to Ybor everyday. The courses also sound a heck of a lot more interesting!

I talked to an adviser yesterday on my way home from Ybor and she double-checked my calculations and I decided to change my major. I feel better about this degree and hope to continue my education. I may stick with Mass Comm or I may choose another path, but I am certain it will have something to do with writing.

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  1. Like the look of your new blog, very pretty. Not sure it’s actually new but I haven’t been here in awhile. Can’t wait to work on your pillow and get to know you better. I’ll have the coffee on, what’s your favorite?

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