Make pretty and ignore the rest!


The grass has grown about thigh high it seems. There isn’t a whole lot of grassy areas, but it is beginning to look like a jungle out there.

I still have my two plants and they are growing and happy. I dream of a deck laid out in front of our steps, but that is probably NOT going to happen. Anyway. If you haven’t been to our house, there is a pathway of small rocks (which I loathe) and some grass, but mostly fallen leaves. I have gotten so much pleasure from seeing my happy plants that I want to continue a bit of a serenity area. Although I don’t think the ‘squitos will let us sit out there for very long.

My plan this weekend is to move a bench closer to the house and remove the rocks from the path. The rocks will go live with the bigger rocks in the driveway. The kids and I will rake the leaves and make a plan of action for more plants or perhaps a small garden? There is so much potential! I am hoping to borrow a pressure washer too. The side of the house needs a scrub-down.

As a fun side note. I very much enjoy this website You start by putting in a favorite song or artist and then it starts to play songs it thinks you will like and it is usually right! If you like it you indicate so by pressing the thumbs up, if not then you click the thumbs down. It is a great way to discover new music and totally free! Thanks to Cynthia for sharing the site with me.