M uch as I wish it were different, Noah doesn’t especially love school. He likes certain parts about school, like lunch and friends, but mostly it gets in the way of his “play-time”. I knew going into first grade that it was more serious than kindergarten; homework being the major difference. They gave the kids time to settle in the first week and then today Noah came home with a new folder labeled homework. I thought maybe a sheet for the week of words or basic math, but not both. Well, we get both. There is a daily list of homework and it is all due Friday. Now, I am all about homework. I have lived and breathed it for the past two years, but homework is a new concept to Noah. Big kids get Homework! He has been pretending to do homework since Pre-K and now it is actually here.

We sat down to read the pile of papers sent home and it really wasn’t that bad. Today he had to read a short story and answer a couple of questions about it. He has spelling words (and tests on Fridays) that he needs to learn how to spell as well as new vocabulary words. I’m loving it! He is in awe. “Mom, I have HOMEWORK!” I know this won’t last, the newness will wear off and there will be homework fights in our future, but for now, we are diggin’ it.

We have a no games until the weekend rule at our house and only if your room is clean stipulation. We’ve been playing the Wii and then the PS3 almost daily since they got home. This transition is a bit difficult. It’s amazing how “bored” he says he is without the video games to suck him in! Boredom is good, find something to do. After a few chores I thought it would be nice to try out his bike again, especially because the temp has been low 90’s lately. He was all for it! We get out to the road and I notice that he’s grown a couple of inches and is a little more coordinated than he was at the beginning of the summer. He has had his bike now for about 4 years and the training wheels are off. After a few tries he was completely on his own and riding farther than he ever has down our dead end street. I was happy to walk and clap and smile and encourage. I’m so proud of him; not because he’s officially a bike rider, but because he didn’t give up. There have been tantrums in the past and cries to put the training wheels back on, but this time he just kept practicing. By the time we made it back to the house he was confident enough to correct himself if he started to sway and even wanted to risk the rocks in the driveway. What a good day. :o)

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