Misty’s visit to FL


I think it was around the time that I went to Portland that Jason started telling me my blog would be up soon.  I guess I stopped blogging so much on my vox blog in anticipation of the new one. The result?  I have a lot of catching up to do.

Misty left Portland the day after I did to come to Florida for a visit. While she was here we took her one Saturday for a day of sunshine fun! We started at the gun range showing her how to shoot the Revolver.  We then went to Off the Wall Adventures to use the batting cages and climb the awesome rock wall.  Misty however, did not want to climb the rock wall (I have to admit it is a bit intimidating).  So Jason and I climbed, but sadly, I was the only one that made it to the top and rang the buzzer!  Roar!  tee hee. It was fun and we plan to go back for Jason’s Bday coming up in June.  Paintball anyone?

3 thoughts on “Misty’s visit to FL

  1. I like your website and I admire your bloggin!!! It’s good to be able to express things like that. Way to go.
    Joyce C. in Tampa

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