Monopoly, Life and Sorry

Jason and I had this habit of watching a new movie almost every night-thanks to Netflix. That was fine until the nights we didn’t have a new movie we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves. That was no biggie until we basically stopped communicating. Jason’s solution was to stop watching movies. The first night or so of our resolution, after dinner I dealt him a hand of Uno. He couldn’t resist and I proceeded to whoop his hiney. :-) I then said “OOH! let’s play Monopoly!”. So we did and had a lot of fun while he proceeded to kick my hiney. :-(

On our date night we decided to pick out a new game to play, Life. We have found that it needs more than two players to be more fun, so I picked up Sorry today. This was my favorite game as a child. The luck and chance of the cards dealt was so much fun!

Games have been a large part of my life. My grandmother taught me Rummy as a small child. I played all the kid games with friends, Go Fish, Old Maid. I remember my Aunt Sandy used to have a whole closet full of games! Now that I’m grown I’ve hosted many a game night. Recently my mom bought Noah and Nora their own card games of Go Fish and Old Maid (in the Cars and Dora versions). We played both and Go Fish was the favorite by far, even Nora could (sorta) play with a little help. I remember when Noah was really little anticipating the days when we could play games. I’m talking about real games not the little kid games. I have yet to enjoy a game of Candyland. I am hoping that we will play games as the children grow. I am hoping they enjoy it as much as I did growing up. Games also taught me a lot of lessons, like learning to lose gracefully and just because you are popular doesn’t mean the quiet girl can’t kick your booty!

We will be heading up to Alabama this weekend to visit Bryant. Noah is so excited! We have promised him a tour of the Air Museum at Fort Rucker. He gets to see a Helicopter up close. This 6 hour is prep for our ten hour trip to NC shortly thereafter. Ahh… As Summer comes to a close. There is already orange crap out at the stores! I hate how one season has yet to end before they bring out the new. Sigh. Christmas will be here before we know it! Yeah I said it! :-)