Mother’s Day

As the kids get older I’m really starting to love mother’s day. Before it was just a card they colored like any other activity, but now they know it is a special day of appreciation.

This year the kids asked me what I wanted for breakfast. My answer (as usual) was pancakes! So when I woke up Sunday morning Jason took the baby, who was soo cranky, while I stayed in bed and he helped the kids make breakfast. Noah did the pancakes and Nora did the bacon. They were very proud of themselves. I’m such a lucky mom. I got breakfast in bed and was able to finish my book which has taken me a week and a half to read. Unheard of! It all went downhill from there… lol

Lorelei was the crankiest she has ever been! No smiles all day just eating and crying; perhaps a growth spurt? We went to Lowe’s that afternoon and FINALLY picked out hardwood flooring and were able to agree on a countertop. I can’t wait to see what it looks like! The kids were great. Noah pushed the baby through the aisles to keep her happy and they endured the time it took to pick out everything.

After we returned home we (and by we I mean Jason) cleaned the carpets, long overdue and in preparation for the bug guy who came yesterday. Everything was moved into the dining room/kitchen and the chaos made me grumpy. Lorelei fell asleep for a few moments to the sound of the carpet cleaner and I marveled at how perfectly her head fits under my chin as if we were made with eachother in mind. Such a moment I wanted to remember, so I asked Jason to snap a pic.