My Handy Honey

I’m soo glad to be done with that camp bucket!! lol Now, every other day, I have a system of washing the diapers. I even have the washer setup with a favorite setting. It makes it so much easier!

I can tumble dry the diapers on low, but the sun drying is what gets the stains out. There isn’t much sun here (atleast these last two weeks) and the sun we get in the yard is sporadic. I could be running around the yard (which is downhill and technically downstairs!) all day moving the drying rack around and still have wet diapers. Jason decided to take advantage of an unused pulley system his Dad had and set me up with a clothesline. Thanks Dad! :o)

Now I just walk five feet from the washer out onto the porch and hang my diapers which are dry in no time…on the sunny days of course.

That’s not all. Do you see that purple bag? He sewed that bag and hung it there for me. It is full of clothespins and just above that is a nail that holds the thingamabob that keeps the line from separating, because if I drop anything I have to go around to the front of the house, down the stairs, around to the back of the house, pick up what ever I dropped (which is now covered in red clay) and back up to the clothesline again, so I’m real careful. ;o)

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  1. lucky you! I love the pulley system idea. and the clothespin bag is pretty awesome, too.

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