My Mama’s Bday

We were out of town for my mom’s actually birthday day, but as soon as we got back we had her party. Complete with chocolate, chocolate fudge cupcakes! Can you say chocolate coma? *seizes*

mmm, cupcake...

lol, mmkay wipe the drool off the keyboard.

I just love this pic of her with the candles ablazing as we sing Happy Birthday to her. Yes, before you ask we make EVERYONE wear the “birthday hat” at their party. lol
Happy Birthday to you...
This one is fun too, the kids barely resisted helping grandma blow out the candles!

Make a wish!

And then the lights come on and there is chaos!

Give me a cupcake!

Jason couldn’t resist this pic of Nora eating her’s.

Thanks mom for having a birthday, so we could eat cake!

In all seriousness my mom is fabulous. She took care of our kitties while we were gone and even dropped off chicken and yellow rice for us to eat when we got home Sunday evening. Thanks mom, we love you mom!

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