New Car!

This is what I have been driving:

Jason bought this car for $500 last December. He was excited because it is stick-shift (and cheap). I was just happy to have a car to get me back and forth to school.I am extremely grateful for this vehicle. Jason put a lot more money into it when numerous things broke on it and his perseverance had the Kia lasting this long. The most recent thing to break was the alternator. I was constantly scared that it was going to break down on the Interstate on the way to school. The a/c was funky, so half the time I was boiling as hot as the car was. Still, I am extremely grateful for Jason and the Kia.

A new day has arrived. Six months ago we began to look for a newer vehicle. The situation is, I have bad credit and Jason has good credit, but already has a vehicle loan. We are not married. We tried and failed to get a Chevy something or other, so I decided I would drive the Kia until it dies! By then I would be able to clean up my credit and the 30 mpg would continue.

The Kia has about had it. Looking at my finances, a car payment under $300 is doable. We had looked at my Uncle Joe’s lot to see what he had six months ago, but he didn’t have what we were looking for at the time. I looked at his website last week and called him up. He said he could get me into a great car and recommended the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I was unsure about a Jeep, but trusted his 20+ years of experience.

We went to Mount Dora (where the car lot is) Saturday to have a look at it. He had already pre-approved us, so now we just needed to take a look at it and decide. I really liked it. It’s a V6 SUV and it has all of the bells and whistles. Leather, Moon Roof, Power everything. A large back seat to fit a third car seat in and a large space in the trunk area. We test drove it and besides an oil change, it seemed to be in good condition. We told my uncle we’d take it! Yay!!
Danielle and Joe with the new Jeep

I am so relieved to have a good working vehicle. I am not very excited about having a car payment, but it was time. Now when I look out the door I see this:
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2005

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