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A lot of yummy veggies were on sale this week, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with them beside throw them in a pot. They weren’t the typical veggies we eat. We are big fans of green beans and broccoli and carrots. This medley was; Asparagus, Endive, Red and Yellow Peppers. That’s it!

I wanted to put them over a bed of Jasmine rice and found this great recipe for a Chinese White Sauce. It is a habit of mine to automatically salt and pepper chicken or what not, but I resisted this time. I put a bit of vegetable oil in a stainless steel pan (the deep one) and turned on the burner to a little over medium heat. I chopped up some thin-sliced boneless skinless chicken and threw it in the pan. It didn’t take long to cook, then I took out the chicken and put my chopped veggies in and cooked those, much like the directions say. I did put a lid on for a bit (not too long) to steam the endive. While the veggies cooked I put the sauce together. It was so very simple. I added some hot veggies to the sauce to warm it up and then poured it over the veggies! I did add a little more water because the sauce was too thick for my taste, then added the chicken and let it simmer.

The sauce blanded out as it simmered and the presentation was very colorful. I love it when a new recipe is a success! Jason (who isn’t a Chinese food fan) gobbled it up and the kids actually tried each veggie. Noah is a big fan of crunchy, so the endive satisfied him. I brought what little was left over for luch today. :o)

This morning I put what I am hoping will be fabulous Minestrone soup in the crockpot. On our date last week we went to Carrabba’s and I wrote down everything I could see in their Minestrone soup! I am not sure of the spices, but I look forward to trying it for dinner. After my class of course. Principles of Management begins this evening. I don’t think I am going to get off as easily this term. :o(

2 thoughts on “New Recipe

  1. What is endive? And its funny that you bought random veggies just because they were on sale..

  2. Endive is japanese cabbage (I think) and I didn’t buy them BECAUSE they were on sale! I bought them because I like them AND they were on sale. ;o)

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